Rebel Edibles

Rebel is a High Time Cannabis Cup award-winning edible. You’ll see why – we pride ourselves on creating the best-tasting and most consistent edibles on the scene.

These edibles are infused with distillate for a faster on-set and premium, all-natural ingredients. Thanks to the inclusion on fat, these hit very well compared to many other edibles. And they’re individually wrapped for on-the-go consumption!

Available in 4 flavors.

Chocolate Caramels: As if 60% dark chocolate wasn’t good enough, this luscious couverture is blended with cream, butter and a hint of espresso powder, making these taste just like the rich brownies of your dreams.
100mg THC 10 x10mg servings & 250mg THC 10 x 25 servings

Salted Caramels: Our take on an old classic caramel. These soft, chewy caramels (with just a hint of salt) will satisfy any sweet tooth.
20:1 CBD:THC 10 x20mg servings & 1:1CBD:THC 10 x 25 mg servings

Apple Pie Caramels: If you are looking for a cozy caramel, Apple Pie is the flavor for you! Fans of sweet & tart dessert will cheer: with flavors of apple cider and hints of Saigon Cinnamon.
100 mg THC 10x10mg servings 250mg THC 10 x 25 servings

Vanilla Caramels: Try these once and you’ll never compare Vanilla to “boring” again! Flavored with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, honey and sea salt, these creamy caramels are anything but ordinary..
100mg THC, 10 x 10 mg servings 250mg THC 10 x 25mg servings

Lab Tested
Manufactured in the USA
Money-Back Guarantee
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