The Bison & Rose Difference

At Bison & Rose, you come first. From our initial research and product development all the way to our premium CBD and cannabis products, we always have the customer’s experience in mind. Here are a few ways we make sure you’re getting the most from your Bison & Rose journey.

Targeted Remedies

We’re dedicated to going beyond catch all oils and topicals. Our researchers look at specific ailments and create formulas that are laser-focused on improving your quality of life. We create the most efficient way to medicate that is measurable and dose effective so the ingredients get into your system quickly.

Research Driven

With over 40 years of both hands-on medical care and scientific research, our team has unique insights into innovative product development and customer support.

A Customer First Approach

We put you at the heart of everything we do. From our first steps into research to our patient feedback system, we strive to make sure that you receive the very best level of care.

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